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Autonomic: The Story

After his huge break on Rockstar: Supernova, Lukas wants to pay it forward by using his platform to help others in need. Lukas returns with his most important record yet “Autonomic”, set to release on December 21st.
Look out for “Autonomic” on major streaming platforms, coming December 21st, 2021!
Throughout the years of touring, meeting fans, collaborating, and self-reflection, the urge to do more with his music is higher than ever. “Autonomic” is a record influenced by an “Invisible Illness” called Dysautonomia. This is a condition that compromises a person’s nervous system, impacting almost all areas of their body — all the while looking like healthy people. Lukas recently joined Seventy7 Records. The owner, Amanda Nail’s daughter, Lexi Nail (Seen on Autonomic’s album cover) was diagnosed with Dysautonomia as a teenager. Featured artist ‘Matty Shreds’ also suffers with this condition. After learning how crippling this illness is, Lukas took immediate action to help join those raising awareness. In addition, a portion of album sales will go to the Dysautonomia International Foundation.

The record features many great artists: Dave Buckner (Papa Roach), Marcos Curiel (P.O.D.), Matty Shreds, Sunnie Days, (Solo Artists) and Stereo Satellite!

This is just the start of many big things to come! In 2022, huge collaborations are in the works. Lukas Co-Wrote & is being featured on “Three Days Grace” upcoming record “Explosions”.

``Autonomic is special. I’ve stayed active throughout the lockdowns and wrote from places inside of me that I haven’t visited in a very long time. This record includes the most personal songs I’ve ever written, some that I’ve been hanging onto for the right moment.. That time is now.” - Lukas Rossi